Located in the Puuc Hills region of the state of Yucatan, Kaxil Kiuic is dedicated to preserving the environment and cultural heritage of the Puuc region of Yucatan. Focused on research and sustainability, this living laboratory--centered at the Helen Moyers Biocultural Reserve –supports a broad range of field-based learning opportunities.

Serving as the locus for a wide range of educational programs that utilize resources throughout the area, Kaxil Kiuic provides a unique context for carrying out educational programs in a living laboratory or "real life" setting. A place where the complexity of Maya life (both past and present) may be experienced, Kiuic is well suited for topical educational programs as well as those seeking an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the region's history, culture, and ecology.

The reserve is open for colleges, universities and other institutions to develop complementary research programs to those already underway. Both short and long-term educational opportunities may be arranged by contacting the reserve.

Kaxil Kiuic supports national and international education at both the K-12 and College/University levels. We offer learning opportunities to local, national and international K-12 classes in the form of day visits, school field trips and classroom teaching materials. We also provide a unique setting for both experiential and research-based College or University courses. The reserve can provide a platform for courses or it can serve as a component of international study abroad programs.

Kaxil Kiuic offers two learning/research facilities. Located in the heart of the reserve is our ‘off the grid’ Center for Research and Education where classes and groups may choose to stay overnight or for long-term visits. And, in the nearby town of Oxkutzcab is the Millsaps Puuc Archaeological Research Center (MPARC). This year-round archaeological research facility is available for housing groups interested in exploring the towns and sites of the Puuc region.