Kaxil Kiuic: Helen Moyers Biocultural Reserve
is a unique living laboratory located in the Bolonchen District of the Puuc region of Yucatan, Mexico. The Reserve is managed by the Mexican nonprofit organization Kaxil Kiuic, A.C. and was developed by and is supported in part by Millsaps College. Kaxil Kiuic (pronounced ka-sheel kee-week) is the first private entity of its kind in the State of Yucatan.

Our activities revolve around promotion and outreach, coordination of onsite research, and administration of programs, personnel, and Kiuic's Research Associates. These efforts include the procurement of funds to back preservation strategies and reserve development.

From this site you can access data from the various ongoing projects at the reserve, learn about the education programs that are available at the reserve, and learn how you can participate in many different ways.

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