Millsaps College operates two unique research and learning centers through Kaxil Kiuic. One is located within the biocultural reserve and the other is located in the nearby town of Oxkutzcab, approximately 40 minutes from the reserve. Each offers unique opportunities for classes, researchers and guests.

The Millsaps Research and Learning Center at Kiuic is an off the grid facility. It consists of two dormitories, six two bedroom faculty/guest houses, a classroom/study building, laboratory and kitchen. The Millsaps Center is solar-powered and uses a wet-water filtration system to manage all liquid and solid waste. The facility combines traditional building styles with energy saving features. People who live and work at the R&LC live in as sustainable fashion as possible. Spread over several acres the facility comfortably houses 28 people for a day or for months. The R&LC puts you in the middle of the biocultural reserve and in an area of rarely visited archaeological sites and rural Maya communities.

The Millsaps Puuc Archaeological Research Center (MPARC) serves as the “in town” facility for Millsaps’ various research programs and classes. Located away from the center of town in a quiet area that once was an orchard MPARC has four two bedroom casitas, a two story three bedroom faculty/guest house, laboratory, kitchen, and an outdoor classroom/common area known as the “kinkajou casita!”. The collections from the various research projects involved with the reserve are permanently stored in on-site “bodegas.” MPARC can house and support 18-20 people for an extended period of time. MPARC is a great location for visiting the northern Puuc region, including the towns of Ticul, Oxkutzcab and Tekax as well as making day trips to the many historic and archaeological sites in the region.

Both facilities have wireless internet and swimming pools and all meals are included in the cost of a visit. They are operated by Millsaps College but are available for groups or classes interested in visiting. Inquiries regarding availability can be made with James Callaghan (kaxilkiuic@gmail.com) for the Research and Learning Center at Kiuic and through Tomas Gallareta N. (tomasgallareta@gmail.com) for staying at MPARC. With expertise in the archaeology, culture and environment of the region we can work with you to develop the itinerary your class or group needs. Our facilities are the perfect location for researchers looking to work in the area, faculty teaching classes, or guests looking for a one of a kind visit to the Puuc region. (Please note that visitors at both facilities sleep in the traditional style of the region, i.e., hammocks).

Millsaps College has a third facility in Mérida, the capital of Yucatan, which is operated by the Else School of Management. Casa Millsaps features comfortable rooms, an air-conditioned conference room, wireless internet and a full kitchen. Perfectly located for groups focused on Mérida and all it offers, Casa Millsaps is available for conferences, educational groups, or any group larger than 4 who will be staying for several days. Visit www.casamillsaps.com for more information.