Located within the 4,500 acres of beautifully preserved forest forming Millsaps College’s Kaxil Kiuic Biocultural Reserve, the Kiuic Research and Learning Center is an off the grid facility offering a one of kind of travel experience. Bringing together traditional Maya architecture with modern eco-features, the Kiuic center is completely solar-powered with a wet-waste water filtration system. Six two bedroom casitas, two dormitories, lab, salon/classroom, and kitchen make it the perfect place for any group interested in truly experiencing Yucatan. The facility also offers amazing regional cuisine, satellite wifi and unparalleled access to the rarely seen archaeological sites in the heart of the peninsula. Our research and teaching staff (from Millsaps College and several Mexican institutions of higher learning) can provide lectures or courses on Maya culture, archaeology, anthropology, biology and conservation. A home for college and university programs from around the world the Kiuic Center is also perfect for adventure travelers who have moved beyond the tourist route. To enquire about staying at the Kiuic Center and how we might meet your group’s particular needs contact Reserve Director James Callaghan ( or Millsaps College Professor of Anthropology Dr. George Bey (