MPARC (Millsaps Puuc Archaeological Research Center) offers a cool facility that is both a small lodge and active archaeological research center. If you ever wanted to visit the Maya world with archaeologists and see their research lab and collection of ancient Maya material and hang by the pool with them afterward, then MPARC is a dream come true! Located in the Maya speaking town of Oxkutzcab at the base of the Puuc Hills in Central Yucatan, MPARC offers a set of two bedroom casitas each with private patio. Quietly nestled behind its bamboo fence and centered around the pool that once served as the water tank for the orchard where it is built, MPARC also has a kitchen providing amazing regional cuisine and the "kinkajou" casita a perfect place to hang out in the evenings, have brunch or hear a lecture on ancient Maya culture by one of the center’s archaeologists. Used by academics and universities for studying the rise and fall of Maya civilization, it is also available for groups of travelers, from four to sixteen. MPARC provides the best place in Yucatan to visit the Maya towns of the Puuc region as well as the breathtaking archaeological sites. If you are ready to move beyond the tourist experience, our archaeologists can arrange an itinerary to provide you with access to the world of the ancient Maya you never see outside of National Geographic magazine. To enquire about visiting MPARC and arranging an itinerary or program that meets your needs contact the center’s general manager Jose Gerardo Arzapalo (josegerardo_ap@hotmail.com). If you want to discuss how we can help you explore the archaeology of the region using MPARC as your base, contact Dr. Tomas Gallareta Negron (tomasgallareta@gmail.com) or Dr. George Bey (beygj@millsaps.edu).