An Innovative Initiative for Conservation

Located in the Puuc region of Yucatan, Mexico, the Kaxil Kiuic Biocultural Reserve is owned by Millsaps College and managed by Kaxil Kiuic, A.C. It consists of 4,500 acres of dry tropical forest and contains within it the ancient Maya center of Kiuic, as well as the remains of the colonial community of San Sebastian (map of region). The Reserve’s abundant and diverse flora and fauna make it one of the best remaining zones of dry tropical forest in the Yucatan Peninsula.

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Facilities at the Reserve (Millsaps College Research and Learning Center) include housing for up to 25 visitors, a kitchen / dining room, field laboratory, classroom, wading pool, observation tower, and a camping area.

The Center is solar-powered and eco-friendly.

Goals of the Reserve

The Kaxil Kiuic Biocultural Reserve is a living laboratory where research and education are carried out to disseminate knowledge and to help sustain the reserve's ecological and cultural resources. The goal is to provide a setting where researchers and educators from Millsaps College and a wide range of international disciplines work and study together exchanging ideas and information, both formally and informally. It is also a place dedicated to working with communities from the local to international level in a wide range of biocultural issues.